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    Question about calls from us to aruba n vice versa

    Question about calls from us to aruba n vice versa
    My boyfriend and his mom left this morning to go to aruba for the week today is his birthday. can anyone tell me how do you contact people who visit aruba? we have t-mobile and they werent sure if we would be able to use the phones to each other. i havent heard from them yet and per the flight info it arrived. please help ive never been out of the us so i have no way to get ahold of them.

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    I too have Tmobile, am leaving Sat for Aruba and I need to stay in touch with my kids. I called t-mobile and they unlocked my phone for me. I need to buy a sim card when I get there, use the code they gave me , and put the code in after i insert the sim card. If I did not do this, they said I wouldn't be able to use my phone at all, thats why they unlocked it for me. If I use my phone without the new sim card, it would cost me $1.49/min. They asked when I would be coming home, and they are going to lock the phone after I get back. It really doesnt sound too hard. I hope this helped.

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    He may not have phoned if his phone was not unlocked.

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    The best way would be to call the hotel and make sure they arrived and leave a message if you can not reach him on the cell, because as everyone said you have to unlock it before using. He can go and get calling cards or use is cc from some of the phone in the hotels and in town, or the best way rent a phone for the week from Aruba to use to call the US.
    There are lots of option for him to do, but for you in the meantime just call the hotel and hope they are there for you to talk.
    Good luck, I hope you reach your boyfriend and he enjoys his birthday on beautiful Aruba.

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