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    Questions (August and All Inclusive)

    I am planning to go to Aruba the first week in August. I know that this is considered the low season. So my question is, what if anything is cut back during this time, such as shows, restaurant hours, etc.?

    My other question is about whether or not to go All Inclusive. I'm looking at going with all inclusive at the Occidental at the moment. While I would like the freedom of choosing a restaurant, I'm concerned about the cost of drinks. My girlfriend and I both like the idea of relaxing on the beach with tropical drinks. And I'm affraid if I don't do all inclusive that this could get very pricey (but, then again, there is a big difference in the price of the Occidental vs. a non all inclusive). So, what is the average price for a mixed drink, or a beer?

    This will be our first trip and we're really looking forward to it. I just want to make good decisions. Your input will be greatly appreciated!

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    Check the AI's at the Tam & Divi Divi (sister resorts), so you have the choice of around 10 restaurant's, golf cart shuttles, casino. You can always go off site foe a dinner or 2. Old Man and the Sea, Windows on Aruba just 2 of sooo many.

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Sorry cannot help with more info on the Occidental. There was a similar discussion at

    Also some assistance with pricing.

    Thought August is considered "low season" there will be plenty of families, couples and honeymooners. Hard to say on crowds, the island has been slow due to the poor economy, however, there have been folks switching over to Aruba in cancelling their Mexico vacations. I know up to the break out of swine flu in Mexico, our resort was not sold out during our stay in June and is now sold out for more than half the nights of our stay.

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    Under a hut, walking Eagle Beach, lunch on the beach, Amstel Bright Beer on the beach, coffee in the morning on the beach, taking a dip in the sea,

    Thumbs up

    If beach person check
    Divi AI has a good beach and price may be better.
    >>> "anything is cut back during this time"
    ----- Yes, the number of cruise ships coming to Aruba during the summer are almost zero compared to the winter months.
    So if you go downtown shopping may find the shops not busy.
    But most activites/shows/restaurants are a go.
    And going on a tour may be better since not have to fight for a space/tour with the cruise lines.
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