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    Ready to last question.

    I'm just about ready to pull the trigger (so to speak); the last decision for us and it's a minor one, is WHEN? We've narrowed it down to Oct. 2-7 or Oct. 16 - 23.

    Outside of the fact that one gets us to Aruba 2 weeks SOONER; is there any reason to pick one week over the other? Weather? Specific holidays to know about? Specific activities going on? We're looking for a quiet relaxing time; realize this is the time of year most DON'T travel to Aruba - plan on staying at Manchebo if that gives you an idea of our "cup of tea". Do plan on renting a jeep, exploring, snorkeling, sunset cruises, diners out, visiting the high-rise area, but looking forward to a less crowded beach, lots of palapa/drink time.

    Thoughts? I know I's sooo horrible having to talk about Aruba; but if you could spare some time? (read sarc.)...

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    We have been going the last two weeks in October for the last six years.The weather is great beaches and restaurants are not crowded.Great time to go .Enjoy your vacation

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Traditionally at the beginning of October there had been a Music Festival as well as an Internation Poker Tournament. Neither of those events are begin held this you so imo, it would not matter which week you choose.

    October weather
    Average high temperature 90 F.
    Average low temperature 80 F.
    Average temperature 83 F.
    Average water temperature 83 F.
    Average relative humidity 79%
    Average windspeed 13 mph
    Average maximum wind speed 28 mph
    Average rainfall 2.60 inches (20.3 inches annual)

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