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    Reassurance Re Aruba - Should We Go Or Not

    Well here's the long story - last year we thought of Aruba for honeymoon but the flights from the UK didn't really work in. We got talked out of it by travel agent and into another location which didn't work for us at all leading to a very disappointing HM.

    So this year we thought lets through caution to the wind and book Aruba which we have done for the end of May start of June.

    However since booking I have nagging doubts of is it worth the expense and then an acquaintance went and really disliked it, this along with the mixed reviews on TA (I know I know pinch of salt ) I am starting to worry it not going to be all I want

    We have book AI at the RIU but are happy to eat out and explore

    What sights are there to see for 2 weeks and has anyone first hand experience of the RIU ?

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    click that link for comments re: RIU and all inclusive

    no one can guarantee that you will love aruba.
    i can say that there is probably a 90% chance that you will LOVE it.

    there are plenty of things to do in aruba, but pretty much it all revolves around beach/pool/sun/shade, dining and casinos.

    dinner shows and theater are few.

    there are clubs to go at night and dance the night away.

    there are a couple of small museums.

    there is shopping and aruba boasts of some very wonderful jewelers and pricing.

    there are boat tours, snorkeling adventures, party cruises and dinner cruises.

    i would be lying if i told you that there were tons of things to that did not involve water, sun and sand.

    what do YOU want to do on your vacation?
    if aruba does not suit your bill, maybe we can suggest something else.
    then again...............i would wager if sun, water, food are on your list aruba is the place for you.

    here are some sites to see
    Alto Visa chapel
    California Lighthouse
    Old Gold MIne Ruins
    Donkey Sanctuary
    Ostrich Farm
    Baby Beach
    Rogers Beach
    Arashi Beach
    Fallen Down Natural Bridge
    ATV tour to Natural Pool
    Arikok National Park

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Quote Originally Posted by Spuddy View Post
    and then an acquaintance went and really disliked it,
    What specifically did they dislike? With more details, perhaps we can help you overcome the objections.
    this along with the mixed reviews on TA (I know I know pinch of salt ) I am starting to worry it not going to be all I want
    Are you referring to reviews of the Riu or Aruba in general. If just the Riu, you are correct, take the reviews with a grain of salt. Throw out the very best and the very best and truth is somewhere in between.

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    I've been to Aruba three times. I've stayed at the Riu and did the AI. It is the best resort I've stayed at on Aruba. It's a bit more pricey than the others, but I think it's worth it. Like some others have said, depends on what you prefer. If you like the heat, beach, and sand, then you'll probably love Aruba.

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    We have talked to a lot of people from England when they stop while on Cruise ships. They all thought the Beachs were the best they have seen compared to Europe and the water better than places such as Spain.

    We have also met a few from England that do return often to Aruba.
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    Thank you all - sorry for such a vague post - I know that what suits one does not suit the other but I had been searching reviews all day and my head was spinning with it all

    I love the sun and chilling with a good book or two , cocktails and eating out feature high as well. My husband is not such a fan of lounging around but he is happy with shade and a coffee ! We usually go to places such as Mexico, St Kitts etc where there is a few sights and day trips to do to keep us busy for some of the days and relax for the others.

    The mixed reviews were indeed for the RIU hotel and I usually do just ignore them and take the average but I think after such a disappointing honeymoon I am over thinking this

    Thanks for the reassurance

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    Try it you'll LOVE it

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    We are in Aruba now and having a wonderful vacation. Beautiful beaches, nice people , great restaurants and perfect weather. You can go snorkeling, four wheeling, spend the day at a spa or my favorite, sit on the beach reading a book.

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    The week after Xmas will be my second trip to Aruba this year, was just there this past August. My family just loves it. We chill all day either at that beach or pool and then go out for some great food.

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    I know what you mean about the flights. We're going in Augustwith First choice, wo at least have direct flights. Spent several weeks trying to book independantly, but there were no flights I could find that didn't involve at least 2 changes and a layover, resulting in nearly 24 hours travel each way.

    Even FC, although they fly direct, don't sell their seats on the plane, except as part of a package.....Pity, I'd have considered looking at ?timeshares if the flights were reasonable....but the hassles of getting there make it a none starter for me.

    I'm sure you will enjoy Aruba though, it sounds like it's got everything!

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