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    I often wonder...if it were the work of youngsters...don't they have anything better to do than to victimize innocents? We have been to Aruba numerous times, and, as you will see from many "Aruba Lovers" postings; many of us have always felt safe from this sort of thing.

    Unfortunately, even in the U.S., where there are so many youth centers and many volunteers willing to channel their energies towards molding youth into honest; hard-working and productive young men and women; many seem to relish destroying other peoples' property and resorting to thievery and assaults.

    I wonder if there are youth centers and volunteers for them on the Island? In any event, it ends up being a crying-shame that these things happen.

    Just an opinion.

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    I feel so bad for you. It is awful when this happens in the states, but being out of the country is much worse. My husband was in the hospital in Aruba last year and some of the reports from the doctor was not in English, but our doctor was able to "understand" it. So I hope you will be able to get someone to put your reports in English.
    Good luck to you, and I hope you can enjoy the rest of your vacation. Please keep us posted!

    Quote Originally Posted by alorberb View Post
    What an awful way to start our trip! After many trips to Aruba, including having having our wedding on Renaissance Island with 47 of closest friends and family, we decided to rent a car for the first time. We were staying the first 2 nights of our trip at the Renaissance and parked the car in the lot by the Marina. Less than 24 hours later we went to the car to find the back window smashed, console destroyed and the radio gone! Had to spend the afternoon waiting for the police and going back to the airport to return the car. We have to go back to airport to get the estimate of the damages and give them the police report (which is not in english). God knows how much this is going to cost me. I called my insurance company and MasterCard and will be eligible to file claims but I have a feeling they aren't going to be able to do anything with the police report. What a hassle! Seriously, what is the dumb thief going to do with crappy car radio? Do yourself a favor and dont bother getting a rental car. We survived the first 14 times we've been down to Aruba without one. This experience has really soured our opinions about Aruba. We have come here because we felt safe and welcome but not anymore. If anyone has advice of filing insurance claims with foreign car rentals please send me a private message.

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    It happened to me some time ago and my credit card insurance covered it. We are leaving in the morning for the Westin, can't wait to get there.

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    What a shame! Try not to pay for anything - have it go through your credit card and auto insurance back home. If you pay for anything there now - you are right you will never get the forms filled out right.
    We had a small accident there a few years back and paid $ 400. in damages before we left then could never get the right paperwork to satisfy mastercard
    we should have just had them figure it out.

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    I too am sorry to hear about your problem. Several years ago a girlfriend was with us and had an incident were she was hit from behind by a local. The police report was filed, insurance forms filled in. That was a far as it went,,,,when we turned the car in as we were leaving the car rental agency would not give her the deposit slip saying that since the police reports were not finalized and they had not decided "who" was guilty she could not get her card cleared......about a month later her deposit was released and the money taken off her credit card....we were actually surprised thinking they would try to keep it to cover their deductable.....we were glad to know the rental agency was honest...BTW, it was amigo...

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    As a frequent traveler who often relies on rental cars I usually spend a few minutes going over the contract with the rental agent making sure we both understand what my responsibilies are. If they tell me something not on the contract I write it in before signing and if they don't like it then I walk away. A little due diligence goes a long way to a worry free vacation.

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    You can go back to the police station and ask them to make out the police report in English so you can submit it for coverage at home in the US. They will do that for you. My son had a similar problem in Aruba a while back - radio stolen out of his rental jeep. We went to the police station downtown and got the report - it was in Dutch - we asked if they would put it in English and they did it on the spot for us while we waited.
    There are thiefs everywhere - don't let the "bad guys" spoil your vacation. It will work out. Life is too short to let these things take too much of your energy. Get back to enjoying the beauty of Aruba.

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    Call your credit card company and put a hold on any charges
    from the rental agency.....

    If you are not willing to do that - get it monitored.

    Seriously - the companies sometimes have blank charge
    slips but always all the info they need to do a manual
    transaction. You do not want them putting charges
    for damages on your card. Do that only after the
    insurance part is finalized.

    I can not stress enough how important this is to do!

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    Very sorry to hear of this horrible experience Alorberb.
    I do hope the rest of your trip is really awesome!!!!

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