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    Sad day in Aruba

    This morning at 4:30 a.m. in the high rise hotels another fatal car accident. This time 3 deaths and another one is in critical condition at the hospital. You can see the pictures on or

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    Very sad indeed. Be careful everyone.
    Please contact via e-mail at

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    terrible news bully.
    thanks for posting.

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    Very sad but not a surprise.

    The driving here is beyond dangerous; it is insane. And, incredibly, getting worse.

    I fear to drive the little Nissan I have, and pray every time I come over those blind rises that someone is not passing on the solid line as so frequently happens.

    Of course, if I'm in Old 918, 6,000 lbs. empty, closer to 7,000 with fuel and small cargo, and one of those motorcycles or little boxes with the loud stereo and fancy exhaust goes under the front bumper, well, I suppose I'll be headed to the emergency room with severe contusions (si dios permite) and the other guy will be headed to the morgue, which may be what he was looking for. After all, passing against the line, racing each other between the airport and the Balashi light, "fading" around the corners at Calbas and the traffic circles, all this and worse comes with a price. To those who choose to drive this way, make sure it's only you who pays the price, not some innocent on his way home from work, or taking her kids to school, or enjoying a nice vacation on and otherwise nice island.

    To quote the late Captain R. Upton: "There is no shortage of fools and unlucky bastards spinning the wheel of fate."

    Bon dia from the land of dice-rolling drivers.

    Aruba's Novelist in Residence (sometimes)

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    OMG that aweful....have there been a lot of fatal car crashes lately in aruba??
    Do you know if they were local or tourists???? They have those tiny cars there...not me I want a big car



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    Very sad. Prayers for the families.

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    OMG so sad, and prob no helmets or seat belts, my heart hurts for their family. may they RIP

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    Its such a small island,do you really need to speed to get there.If you need to race go to the racetrack.So sad to see something that could have been avoided..

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    The pool @ Gold Coast Aruba, Holiday Inn Casino, Arashi Beach, Sunset @ California Lighthouse, Baby Beach, Our friends hotels/timeshares when they are on the Island at the same time as us
    More traffic control should be instituted on the Island. We have had a few near accidents due to folks speeding.
    -Eric, Karen and Mia-
    Aruba New Years 2017-18 12/28/17 - 1/3/18 (18th Trip)

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    Tamarijn/Divi Baby Beach for snorkeling Local bars and eateries

    online newspaper

    Does anyone know of an English version online for Aruba new? The ones I used to look at don't seem to work.

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