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Thread: Is it safe?

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    This will be our 10th trip to the island, I have never had a problem. The first thing that I learned is that you treat the people of the island with respect, by that I mean that they welcome thousands of us into their home (the island) every year, so with that being said respect their home as you would any ones home that you may visit
    You will find that the people of the island will always smile at you and say hello, get to know the people as I did and you will have a great time. When you leave the island, never say good bye, say see you next time...the most important factor is nothing starts on time, so get used to that, you have all day to do what you want to do..enjoy
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    Yes it is VERY safe! I have traveled to many other places and have NEVER felt as comfortable as I do in Aruba. When we flew in and I saw the island for the first time this year, I was like 'AAAAHHHH" I am home! Just use your brain, common sense, you'll be fine! You can feel safe leaving your hotel and exploring the island, which you can't do in maybe Mexico or Jamaica. Enjoy it, let us know how much fun you had! : )

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