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Thread: Safest and best way for spending money?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pegmeister View Post
    We each have one credit card with us but tend to use it as backup, preferring to use cash for day to day stuff. When we get to the resort the cash goes in the safe and we just take what we need for the day. Relatively easy for us since we stay at an AI.
    We do the same. Credit card only gets used for hotel, rental car, and maybe any excursions we decide on at the spur of the moment if the rate is on the high side so that we don't have to pull a lot out of cash. Seems like we always go home with extra cash but I'd rather have too much than not enough. As my husband reminds me: "Less clothes, more cash".
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    we pretty much do the same thing as the others here.
    we each carry a certain amnt of cash and travelers checks.
    we settle the score at the end of the vacation for lodging and room charges and car rental with cash (if there is any left )
    we rarely use credit cards for restaurants, but when we do, we never let our credit card out of our sight.
    at the casino, we cash a traveler's check or 2.

    this particular trip we returned home with most of the traveler's checks that we brought.
    instead of keeping them here and using them for shopping etc, i deposited them back into our checking acct.
    why should i let amex earn the interest on my money for those uncashed checks!?

    it is important to remember to keep your safe box in your hotel/apartment locked.

    QUOTE=Jacki;274443]We use a combination of cash & credit - never debit. Personally, I feel that the possibility of having a debit card compromised is much more severe since it's my CASH they are messing with. Even if it is proven fraud, there is still a time period it takes to prove/research and I don't want to deal with that. On a CC it's just a portion of my available credit, not cash.

    I use a CC that has no international fees and issues points that can be converted to travel credit so they will credit a portion of hotel stay or airfare depending on how many points I've accumulated

    I have never had an issue with a CC on Aruba...hope I didn't just jinx myself![/QUOTE]

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    Here's my take.

    We go for 2 weeks at a time. I charge everything I can on my CC and ask DW to do the same. I do this because it is convenient and I have some protection from the CC bank. I review charges on my card during our visit-just takes a minute. Also, I get points that will go towards next year's Aruba tickets. (BTW, I use the CC for everything at home too and pay the balance monthly). In Aruba, you almost never see your credit card charged in Afl. It's always USD so you don't have to worry about a currency conversion fee. If you do worry, get a CC from a bank that doesn't charge one.

    We each take cash. I take about $500 (100s, 50s, 20s, 10s) and use it mostly for gambling and where cash is the only way to pay. DW takes cash for gambling and shopping in the little shops down by the cruise ship terminal and at the flea markets. The majority of the cash is kept in the safe and we just put some in our wallets as needed before an excursion.

    We both have debit cards in our wallets as a mater of course but never use them.

    This is has worked for us for 16 years but I realize it's not the only way to go.

    Enjoy your trip!

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