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Thread: Sandbars in the ocean to prevent erosion of beach

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    Sandbars in the ocean to prevent erosion of beach

    Amigoe published this article just recently.

    Here is a Google Translation:

    Sandbars in the ocean to prevent erosion of beach

    Sandbars in the ocean to prevent erosion of beach-sandbars.jpg

    ORANJESTAD - "Thanks" the natural phenomenon El Niņo our beaches disappear slowly but surely, says Tourism Minister Otmar Oduber. To prevent Aruba beach from erosion, sandbars might be built offshore. The work could start in March.

    Now the solution to the erosion of the Aruban beaches seems a underwater beach fill 'to be, as shown in photographs released by the Ministry of Tourism. As it stands now, to be built sandbanks in the sea. That happens from the coast and is a natural form of coastal protection. Breaking waves when the sea floor begins to rise. The bank is done more at sea than is currently the case. The water running in reverse, then takes sand with it, but as far as the plate. So the beach should grow in a natural way, creating a natural breakwater, evidenced by the publication "Shore Protection Assessment of the US Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory.


    That the Aruban beaches are crumbling, is caused by El Niņo according to Minister Oduber. At the Grape Beach at hotel Tamarijn is almost no beach left. In October last year, several employees of the Public Works Department (PWD) placed dozens of sandbags in order to prepare Grape Beach. However, these are still full but unused in the same place more than three months ago. DOW was unavailable for comment on the project and the unused sandbags.


    Representatives of tourism agency ATA and managers Divi resorts spent Tuesday visiting this beach and the beach at Bucuti & Tara resort and Manchebo to view the damage. Oduber could not be present there because of the budget debate in parliament. The Minister has however announced that the beaches, as Aruba's premier tourist attraction, should be saved.


    Currently the possible solution to the erosion of the beaches will be discussed by the government. It is intended that a decision is taken quickly, because Aruba wants to take advantage of two vessels that lie near Aruba right now. They could carry out the work. The project could go start in March and should be completed within a month.

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    How funny is this. During our recent visit, we were drinking Balashis at the Bunker Bar one afternoon, when we observed 2 men and 1 woman dressed quite sharply in business attire, being followed by a video cameraman who at times seemed to be filming the beach. After reading the above, I think they were probably shooting video for a story about beach erosion, for local TV.

    CK1 thanks for posting, very informative.

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