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    is savaneta a safe area to stay?

    We've been going to Aruba for over 10 years and have always felt extremely safe- no matter the time of day or night. Have always stayed in the Palm Beach area, and this year will be staying a night or two in Savaneta before our timeshare week. I'm nervous about staying in this part of the island since I don't know much about that area. Let's hope the recent incidents are not an indication of a true rise in crime on the island. The safety of the island has been one of the main reasons we go to Aruba year after year - as well as the non-stop sunshine, turquoise sea, gorgeous beaches, etc

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    as with anywhere:
    do not leave items in your vehicle
    lock your vehicle
    do not travel by yourself in dimly lit places
    lock your apartment door

    all of these things do in saveneta, palm beach, eagle beach, o'stad, wherever!

    and as a ps i know folks that live in saveneta and they love it. i have visited there and it is nice.
    i think you should have no worries.

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    If you are staying at the Aruba Beach Chalets, right on the water in Savaneta, you should have no trouble. I stayed there for several years before I took up residence down the road a piece.

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    We stayed at the Aruba Beach Chalets for 4 months when we initially moved here. It's a very nice place and felt safe the entire time. We walked every night to the Baskin Robbins and besides some "dog escorts" had no problems. People in the town sit out in their courtyards at night and are very friendly.

    Rick and Cindy the managers there are very nice and were very helpful.

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    its also close to the flying fishboone, santo largo beach ,mangel halto beach and zeeroover suggest you rent a car

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