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Thread: Screwing my Aruba cap on tomorrow

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    Sorry to hear about the federal bender, at least it's broke in. Congratulations on the engagement, sounds fun, but it will be crazy! Chill and pack, the sun awaits you guys!

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    You got this no doubt! Sorry about the fender bender. That stinks. I prescribe some Aruba relaxation!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    A fender bender? Don't worry. it'll rub out Just hurry up and get to Aruba. I'm Jones-in' for a trip report from someone! You're a pro at this, take a deep breath and jump in head first!

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    Lots of excitement going on! Except the fender bender.

    Enjoy this time! Things do not always have to be perfect. And for the packing: there are only three things really important to take with you:
    Money, passport, ticket. Everything else can be bought in Aruba in case you forget something.

    Breath, relax, enjoy!

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    Once the boarding begins all will be forgotten..

    Enjoy the vacation...

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    Hope to finally meet you this trip. We land on Wednesday and are staying at Oceania with a rooftop penthouse to view the fireworks on NYE. Can't wait!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aruba4ever View Post
    Hey Liz, that is very kind! We are going to keep our reservations, I have talked it over with the wife and she is willing to at least "pack" sneakers in case we walk back. Our reservations are at 6pm but who knows what will happen on NYE. I am guessing we will be done by 8pm with a 6 yr old. If your friend is looking for business I would be happy to support him, if not no worries, I am very appreciative of the willingness to help me out! Enjoy Christmas.
    If your planning to get back to the Hyatt by 8 or even 9 you should be fine. My taxi driver friend said as long as it's before 11 pm.

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    Perfect. I really appreciate you being willing to reach out to your friend.

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    Cindyo will be just fine. I finished all packing today except for her clothes.....everything else is done. Reservations for meals were made months were rides from Bully, and Jolly Pirates....and ATV trip. Bon Pasco!
    Please contact via e-mail at

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    Quote Originally Posted by rob o View Post
    Cindyo will be just fine. I finished all packing today except for her clothes.....everything else is done.
    Rob!!! You devil, you!! You are shocking me!!!! You do realize that nudity is not allowed in Aruba
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