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Thread: Seashells

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    My gf was given a seashell by one of our tour guides. She wants to take it back with us but will they let it through customs at the airport? I read some article that natural fibers, hay, and seashells were not allowed. But, it wasn't an official website so I'm not sure how accurate it is. Has anyone here taken back a seashell to the U.S.?

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    make sure it is clean and dry

    wrap it (cushioning) well

    you are luck to have a nice shell from aruba

    i have never found a shell in aruba worth keeping

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    I don't know about the US but in Canada

    Sea shells and sand
    Although you are allowed to bring back sea shells and items made thereof, they must be clean and free of sea life, soil or sand. The importation of sand is not allowed.

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    A few years ago they removed a large shell from my daughters suitcase. DOn't know if they still do it.

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