In a related thread, someone asked about sharing a cell phone. I copied and quoted him below.

Unless your are with someone in the same room or unit, it an get hairy. That is for sure. I have a couple of cases where they tried and then changed minds mid week and got a second phone.

That said, there is another way to share that does save quite a bit, however takes some organizing. I have three couples at Playa Linda that do this each year.

Eah couple owns two weeks of timeshare at Playa Linda and those weeks are conseutive (example) couple #1 weeks 34 and 35 Couple #2 weeks 36 and 37 etc.

They rent for the entire period but without airtime. This lowers the rental cost. Then they negotiate a long term price then split the rental costs by three Each one puts on their own airtime. This year was the fifth year in a row they have done the same thing.

It doesn't matter what company you use, in such a case, you are able to negotiate.

be well

Has anyone had a good experience to share in renting a cell phone in Aruba lately? Thanks.