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    palm beach, eagle beach, any happy hour
    We exchanged our TS for Maui a few years ago and had a great time. While we were there loving Hawaii we kept comparing things to Aruba. In the perfect world it would be great to experience another place but still go to Aruba EVERY year too!

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    Of course, there are "different strokes for different folks," but for me I have gone to Mexico...Cancun...Hawaii...four islands there; but, for convenience and sincere friendliness and no worries about food; water; and, for the main part crime; I have returned to Aruba over and over, and have never been unhappy with my choice.

    Many agree. I guess you can say it is just a wonderful place to just relax; enjoy the Trade Winds; Pristine Beaches, and wonderful hospitality.

    Just an opinion.


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    This July will be our family's 10th trip to Aruba. My husband and kids, ages 23 and 25 love the familiarity of the island. Our family enjoys the opportunity to get away from it all. That includes family and friends. It's just nice to run away for two weeks with no demands on our vacation time. We enjoy doing things at our own pace. To tell you the truth, we do not talk about how wonderful Aruba is, because it's nice going away and not seeing anyone that we know. Don't mean to sound antisocial, but it's just two sacred weeks out of the year that belongs to us.....and Aruba is our getaway.

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    I guess with people saying "oh aruba again" then that is less people coming to our great island!
    Yea i don't get them either! I have been to alot of islands.. and aruba has won my heart!
    _____Wishing I was in Aruba!_________

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    I'm hooked. Just got back last week and already planning the next trip.

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