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Thread: Shortened Carnival 2016

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    Shortened Carnival 2016

    I've always known Carnival on Aruba, Curacao and T&T to fall at exactly the same time, I'm actually considering skipping Carnival 2017 in T&T and heading for Aruba to experience Carnival there to experience something different. I was chatting with a friend of mine from Aruba yesterday and she mentioned that Carnival on Aruba went up to and ended on Monday (8th February) instead of going till Tuesday like the other islands. For them Tuesday was back to work and back to school, I know that the schools don't joke around with absences( excused and unexcused). Anyone heard or know why it was cut short?

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    check out the calendar for carnival

    the calendar activities are pretty much the same year after year, although dates are a bit different.
    typically aruba ends their celebrations with the burning of king momo on the monday evening before ash wednesday officially ending carnival.

    tuesday, from my understanding is a regular day and always has been a non holiday.

    could it be because the powers that be did not want to have 2 holidays back to back? (monday and tuesday??)

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    Thanks Andrea. I could have sworn that Carnival on Aruba wrapped up on Tuesday just like how it's done in T&T. What I really like about Aruba's carnival is that it's still traditional carnival and hopefully they won't move over to Bikini and Beads, Bikini and Feathers, pasties or body paint like Brazil, or T&T.

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