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    Hi --

    I'm new here.

    I've been working with a travel agent/DW planner from the states for some time now to help plan my wedding that's happening on October 15th, 2010

    I'm deaf, and a couple guests to our wedding are also deaf. So my agent has been trying to find an interpreter for the day of the wedding. Really all i need is someone to interpret the wedding ceremony and then a few toasts. That's it!

    i hate to think i have to fly in an interpreter from the states just for 2 hours of work, if even (minimum tends to be 2 hours).

    Hope someone can help me here! Thanks!


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    A couple of thoughts:

    Contact the Aruba Tourism Authority for local resources.

    Ask your wedding planner or hotel coordinator for assistance in locating someone on the island.

    Aruba has a School for the Deaf. An internet/telephone directory search comes up with
    Scol Scucha Nos
    Seroe Alejandro 19 F
    office 584-9474

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    Hmm thanks! I'll pass on the information to her.

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