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Thread: Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet

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    Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet

    this arrival of Sinterklaas and his helpers Zwarte Piet is something that brings joy to so many aruban kids (and grown kids)

    there is a lot of debate about the black face of Zwarte Piet, but I choose to believe, that it represents the soot from the fireplaces and
    try not to think of it as a racial thing. i hope that i do not have my head buried in the sand re: this and i hope that forum members do not think of this as racist.

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    Since Pete has always handed out coal to the naughty kids (as I was) you have nothing to be concerned about. The only way to find coal in Aruba or Holland is through mining, and mining is a filthy job

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    Touchy but good subject.... one I've been following for a while now.
    The truth is, Zwarte Piet comes from a character also known as Krampus, or the Krampus.

    Check this out if you are interested...

    Zwarte Piet, or Black Peter, is a little, cuter version of the same character, very much watered down for gentler consumption, and no,
    there is no racial connotation involved
    If there were, the only ones that might be insulted should be the demons of the underworld...

    Considering it seems to be that time of year already,

    I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday/Yule season...

    See ya'll in May on the beach!
    Mr. Ratt
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    Aruba.... May 12, 2018... 3pm at the Tamarijn, see you there.

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