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Thread: Smoke Free Casinos

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    Smoke Free Casinos

    There has been chatter and questions about if the casinos in Aruba will be smoke free.
    I can honestly say, I have not heard definitively.
    But I do so wish they would become smoke free.
    Aside from my nose and eyes being bothered by it........... my "clean clothes" STINK after just a few minutes.

    I respect smoker's rights, I just wish that they had some non smoking areas in the casinos.

    Was there a law recently passed about restaurant/bar smoking?

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    I am purely speculating here, based on posts I've read on this topic. I think Riu is going to be the first to implement no smoking in their casinos. There was some notification or post specifically about the RIU and I think people just ran with the rumor. This is solely my opinion on how the chatter began.
    We've been in a casino near home that has nonsmoking areas. The smoke still lingers but you don't have the cigarettes directly in your face so it is a little better. It does seem like the smoking area is always more crowded, which does say something about profits. All casinos in Maryland are smoke free and it doesn't seem to be affecting their bottom line at all.

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    For the most part, it's the locals that smoke. We spent all our casino time at the Glitz in LaCabana this year and weren't bothered by smoke at all. Only when a lot of locals gathered for a slots tournament did we notice smoke.

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    It would be nice so I didn't have to bring so many clothes. I hate stinky clothes.

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    When I was there in December, the Hyatt casino had opened a new smoke-free area in their casino.

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