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Thread: SPF expiration dates...don't worry about the date too much.

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    SPF expiration dates...don't worry about the date too much.

    A few weeks ago, Paul and I reorganized our linen closets.
    One of the closets has a shelf of toiletries, medicines, lotions, etc.
    There in the back, were some neutrogena #50 lotions and a couple of no-ad #30.
    All of them expired in 2014.

    I did not throw them out.
    Instead I messaged a friend who holds a phd in chemical engineering and asked her opinion .
    (she developed dry stick deodorant/antiperspirant for major company)
    she knows her stuff.
    she said, by law the manufacturer MUST put on an expiration date of 12 mos or 18 mos from when it was packaged.

    she said.....use those sun block lotions and add 2+ years to the dates on the packaging.

    so over the last couple of days, paul and i have been using them and they are working.

    use your own judgment, ...if you have some that have expired, you may want to consider using it.

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    No PhD here, but I believe that is true with OTC & script meds as well. Of course I would never suggest anyone else use "expired" meds - except for my own kids & DH
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Great Tip, I always wondered about this myself. Will be keeping and using my SPF in my cabinets.thanks

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    I found out the same information from a Manufacture of a Hand sanitizer he gave me the exact information. I did ask my Doctor about my Meds and he said that they might lose a little strength but they are still good. Dick.
    Next Aruba trip in

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    So true about the expired medication too. We must throw away all insulin after 28 days after it has been open. I wish I could take all of the meds we waste and give them to the uninsured.
    I still use expire meds (tylenol and things...) and haven't died yet.

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