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Thread: Stacking stones

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    Stacking stones

    When you have been on a tour in Aruba, have you ever seen little piles/stacks of rocks/stones?
    What do you think of this?

    Do you think it is a form of "rock graffiti" ?

    My understanding is that it is to let others know that you have traveled to that location.
    Are there any other reasons?

    It is also my understanding that the Aruba residents do not like it one bit.

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    I saw the Rock stacks when we did a tour of the island and thought it was kind of odd. In some areas I thought it detracted from the landscape. When we're at our camp in NH I noticed a house on a nearby street that has a bunch of those type of stacks in their yard. Also, when in San Diego there was a guy charging money to have your photo taken with his stack of rocks. Guess some people like them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pegmeister View Post
    Also, when in San Diego there was a guy charging money to have your photo taken with his stack of rocks. Guess some people like them!
    I aspire to be that guy! That should totally be my career!

    I thought the stacks were unique to Aruba. I've never seen that anywhere else. Last week we noticed rock piles, not really stacks, in the area in front of the cruise terminal. Thought that was odd.
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    It's a fairly wide spread and controversial phenomenon. Environmentalists and naturalists are opposed to the practice.

    I've wondered about it but never felt the urge.

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    I've seen it many times in Arizona - especially around the Sedona area. It is also common in Hawaii. My personal opinion is that it should not be done since it disturbs nature. I remember when I didn't see ANY stacked rocks in Aruba....would like to go back to that time.

    Unfortunately, alot of tour guides in Aruba tell tourists that they are "wishing rocks" and to make a stack and then make a wish. Which, is of course, nonsense.

    Others say it causes damage (erosion) and is like "graffiti" within nature:
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    They are called Rock Cairns and found around the world. They date back quite far. If you search rock cairn online, you'll get a plethora of info.

    Hoping for a 30th anniversary trip to our favorite place.

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    In the pool.

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    Always wondered who is stacking the rocks. I only find it slightly distracting, but what really gripes me are the empty water bottles left behind from tours. One of our trips to conchi happened to be during peak hours. After the pool swim I picked up as many plastic bottles I could handle, crushed them and tossed them in the blue can just 100 yards away hoping others would do the same.

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    For the general info of anyone who might care, the Inukshuk were directional pointers that were erected by the Inuit of northern Canada.
    Not anything like the "wishstones" that have become so popular, for what reason I'm not sure.

    Oh well, as much as I wish they weren't the trend with the fellow tourists, the truth is, no one's going to stop doing it.
    When someone sees it, they're going to copy it....
    Mr. Ratt
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    I see some stones like that on gravestones at the cemetery and was told people do that for luck? (kinda late for that LOL)

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