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Thread: Storage bins, what do you store and where, prices?

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    Storage bins, what do you store and where, prices?

    The storage bins have perked our interest...

    what do you store in it?

    where is your storage unit located?

    what are delivery rules?

    what is bottom line price?

    thanks everyone. I know there are lots of you that store things, just trying to educate myself....
    trying to figure out if we could turn this into a extended family bin.

    appreciate your input!!!!

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    pricing approx $70 p yr
    container purchase $45

    snorkel gear , sandals, that kind of stuff

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    Very interested to hear the answers, especially pricing.

    ETA: A little slow on the posting lol - that's what I get for multi-tasking at the office.

    Andrea, Where does that put your stuff? Do you have access to it whenever you want?
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    We haven't pulled the trigger on a formal storage agreement yet (for various reasons) but we keep a RubberMaid container at our friends house.

    We store snorkel gear, inflatable swim toys and kitchen items (non-stick frying pan, chef's knife, corkscrew etc.)- we rent private villas and sometimes the kitchen stuff can be less than up-to-snuff.

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