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    Thanks guys I appreciate the info - for those that don't know its basically just a high alcohol content liquor (144-160 proof) thats been banned in the US since 1912 because supposedly one of the ingredients its distilled with, called wormwood, makes you hallucinate. Science has proven that this is not true though, and the stuff you can buy in the US is not authentic high quality Absinthe - its wormwood free. Most of the time Americans drink it across borders because it does give you a very strange drunk, and like I said, the good stuff is still banned here.

    A few more things - where are the liquor stores in Aruba? Are they close to the resort areas or do you have to go more inland? And also can you buy the stuff in any liquor store or is it just a select few?

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    You did not mention where you are going to stay, but if you venture downtown, Kong Hing, a grocery store behind the Ren. carries Le Fee absinthe. For any other alcohol you may want to purchase keep in mind that the prices are quite a bit higher than you are used to. Alcohol is sold everywhere, there are no govt. run called liquor stores that sell just liquor as we have in some states here. Beth and I have always found it amusing that you can buy a bottle of vodka at the corner store at @200AM but to buy some advil you have to go to a pharmacy.

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