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    Stray dogs in Aruba...

    1. I just came back from Aruba this week Ė my first time there. While I enjoyed the happy island and all itís wonderful beauty, the situation with the stray island dogs was very upsetting to me. As a true lover of animals, the lack of consideration and care for these dogs was very disappointing and sad. I believe educating the people starting in the schools- humane education regarding these dogs and the importance of spaying/neutering is most vital. I believe the Gov't should do more to care for these stray dogs and to provide neutering /spaying programs. My husband and I loved all the wildlife we saw in Aruba and hope the situation regarding these poor stray dogs can be improved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    part of the problem is a cultural issue. and i do not mean this in a derogatory way.
    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post

    many people throughout the world do not believe in neuter or spay.

    for whatever reason, lots do not want to have it done or cannot afford it or a little of both.

    hence......many unwanted animals.

    the stray unwanted animal situation in aruba has made a huge turnaround in the past 7 or 8 years. most of us see a huge improvement.

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    As most know me and "Max" I am also a lover of dogs.

    It does not help the situation on the beaches when people feed them.

    I know one situation where a lady at LaCabana was asked by management not to feed them.
    So she now brings the food over to the Amsterdam Manor and leaves the food there.
    Please do not.

    If you want to help donate foood or money to one of the Groups that do it properly.
    Eagle Beach Boy
    Ontario, Canada

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    I know, it's really hard to see the stray dogs and cats there. It always tugs at my heart strings too. I have a memorable encounter or the like of a stray from each of my 5 visits to the island.

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