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Thread: suggestions for a rainy day?

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    suggestions for a rainy day?

    full day rainouts are unlikely in aruba.
    that being said, now and again there is a day that is just shot due to weather.

    so, what to do? what would you do?

    i think that i would most likely visit a casino, or hang out at the pata pata bar poolside at lacabana, or take a nap

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    West Deck in the afternoon
    Eat, drink, gamble, repeat!

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    In the pool.
    Indoor margaritas are just as good as outdoor margaritas.

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    We always pack a deck of cards or Mad Gab (card game) and sit on the balcony (rain or shine) along with some adult beverages and invite friends over. If it's too rainy/windy then we just use the dining room table. We've also gone to a movie on occasion or just parked as close as possible at one of our favorite watering holes/lunch places and make an afternoon of it. I remember once being stuck at the Bugaloe during a good downpour and it was actually a lot of fun. One year it had been unusually rainy so it was the first (and only) time I packed an umbrella. I actually used it but felt silly for some reason using it in Aruba - however....I was the only dry one from our group. LOL!
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    I think an afternoon at a beach bar, eating and drinking the day away. Moomba would offer great protection from the rain and all but the worst winds...

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    Spend the day at a spa with my wife.

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    We also always bring a few decks of cards and board games. We have gone to the movies. Always talk about going bowling, but it hasn't happened yet.
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    palm beach.downtown
    go to Hilton,s casino.Gamble a little but drink few "Blue star,s" and i am promising to you rain won,t matter afterwards.

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    Last time that happened when we were in Aruba we bought our timeshare. We have been lucky since then and haven't had a whole day ruined by rain. I do like the casino and drinking though. ;-).

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    I think that is a great idea. The couples massage at the Ritz was amazing!

    Quote Originally Posted by NH Mark View Post
    Spend the day at a spa with my wife.

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