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Thread: Suitcase with food or Shop in Aruba?

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    Senior Member susan.b's Avatar
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    Oct 2015
    Always just shop at Superfoods.

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    We always bring our own coffee/sugar packets/cereal and crackers. Sometimes we bring Thomas' English muffins and squeeze jelly. We always stop at Lings and get fruit,cheese,milk,beer and juice. We eat dinner out,usually 1 breakfast and a few lunches out. For most lunches we just have crackers and cheese or leftovers.

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    Like the others, except for a couple of favorite snack foods, we always buy everything we need at Super Food in Aruba. Much easier that way and the cost difference, as someone else said, doesn't break the bank by any means.
    ~Amy~ - Sedona, AZ: April/May 2018 -- Ireland: June/July 2018 -- 36th trip to Aruba: Sept./Oct. 2018 --
    Italy: Nov./Dec. 2018

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    Thank You all for your replies, We are on JetBlue which charges $25 first bag, $35 second bag and $100 for third bag if you decide to check them. I think just carry on and go shopping there seems to be the way to go. Thank You All.

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    With free bags through SWA it is easy to bring room snacks, breakfast items and a few premade frozen meals. We shop a couple of times at Superfoods and Lings. Just frees up our spending money and we don't mind economizing to enjoy the relaxed lifestyle.

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    We eat most(not all) breakfast and lunch in the room or on the balcony. These breakfasts consist of bagels from Dushi bagel, assorted melons and fruit, cream cheese and Dutch gouda purchased at Lings on arrival. We do bring a couple pounds of coffee, sweetener and tea with us. Lunches are ham and turkey sandwiches with gouda cheese, mustard, pickles and tomato on fresh bread, all from Lings. We also pick up some beer, Pepsi and chips. I spend less than $100 for all of it. We eat dinner out every night because we are on vacation. The exception to that is if we find some nice fresh shrimp. Then we will do a shrimp boil in the room one night. I just don't like carrying extra bags through an airport and sticking them in my rental car. It barely holds the stuff DW thinks is needed for 2 weeks plus my golf clubs and it would not save enough money to matter. There is an old saying about carrying coals to Newcastle.

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    We just recently started bringing some food with us. I wouldn't bring an extra bag for it, but we just fit things in to bags we are bringing anyway. I'm a sale and coupon shopper so we get some of our favorite snacks here at home. Ultimately, I don't think it saves us that much money but it keeps our shopping trip focused on just a few items so we can get in and out of there. We buy more drinks than anything at the grocery store: beer, sodas, juice or Gatorade. It can get costly, but still cheaper than resort convenience prices. I'very never thought about packing drinks, but maybe we should.
    There is a forum member here (maybe Gaby?) who packs a box as one of their checked bags and then just throws it away oncw they have unpacked it.

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    In the pool.
    As Tracey and I can both attest, beer prices are astronomical in Aruba - it's the only thing I've ever really considered bringing down.

    But then I remember... save money: drink margaritas.

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    Welcome to the Community Forum Ralph!

    We do a nice combination of both. Back in time when international bag flew free I used to bring one full suitcase of food concentrating on my very picky husband & my small kids. As time went on and we had to pay for bags I reduced what we brought to just some essentials and did most of our shopping at Super Food, some at Lings. This year we fly SWA with free bags again. Not sure what we are going to bring with us.
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    I plan to pack some Splenda/Truvia, a few teabags, a vacuum pack of ground Starbucks' coffee and, if I make it to the Wildwood, FL Russell Stover Outlet during my April/May MIL visit, some SF candies/snacks. This trip, I might throw in a big ziplock with Glucerna shakes for my DH, recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and trying to stick to his weight loss plan. And we're flying SW and going for only 8 nights. I have thrown a couple of those flat packs of "canned" tuna in my checked bag in the past and they've come in handy--rather pedestrian tuna salad on freshly baked bread from Lings was quite tasty! Back in the early 2000's, I packed a box of grits because I didn't think I could get them in Aruba and because I thought I was going to COOK breakfast. Ha, ha, ha! I found out that you could buy grits in the big groceries and confirmed that I don't like cooking breakfast unless it's supper time!
    I love visiting grocery stores outside my life's little half acre or such, too. We have the opportunity of shopping for groceries in modern supermarkets and not everyone does. The most fun in a grocery that I've ever had was shopping in the old, now gone, Match on French St Martin. It was shopping by sight--pictures on the cans and photos on boxes, LOL!

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