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Hi Everybody, newly registered to the forum but have been following the site and reading the posts for some time now. We travel every year to Aruba and usually will pack one checked bag with food (cereal, pancake mix, canned goods, pasta, condiments etc.). Usually stay for 2 weeks at a time and we usually overpack and end up leaving the non opened food in the room for the next guests. I usually will stop in at Super Foods grocery store and pick up say milk, bread and eggs but have never shopped for more than that. We usually will make breakfast and lunch in the room while on the beach and then go out for dinner during our stay. I know prices are higher compared to the U.S. but wondering what everybody else does. Do you find it easier to shop in Aruba or bring food with you? Thanks. Ralph.
I'm with the majority of people. Shop in Aruba is the way to go. Slightly more expensive but you can find some interesting things. Not a huge difference in price overall.