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    Swine Flu announcement from Aruba gov't

    Found this on another site - thought everyone might be interested:

    As Of Today All Those Arriving By Plane Or Cruise Will Receive A Form

    April 27th 2009, Aruba.

    ORANJESTAD-Aruba will take precautionary measures against swine flu effective as of today. All persons arriving in Aruba by plane or by boat/cruise ship will have to fill out a form that will question their current health condition.

    Those who appear sick up on arrival will be questioned separately by authorities.

    Trevor van Gellecum, Director of the Aruban Department of Health has announced the measures today. It is also possible to place a person under quarantine if he or she is suspected of being infected by swine flu. A special room is now setup for quarantine cases. Hotels are asked to report guests who have flu like symptoms to health specialists.

    Aruba has ordered a large number of anti viral medicine from The Netherlands and the U.S. which will arrive shortly. The island is taking these steps early on because Aruba is small and dependent on foreign countries. If we do not act now and the virus becomes a global epidemic, we will be last in line to get help says Gellecum. The medicine Tamiflu seems to be effective against swine flu.
    The government has also ordered other materials such as masks.

    At present there are no reported swine flu cases in the Caribbean region. Swine flu now nicknamed the Mexican Fever first started in Mexico where it is now blamed for 106 deaths. There are reported swine flu cases in the U.S., Canada, Israel, Great Britain, New Zealand, and Spain. Persons infected in those countries have recently visited Mexico or had direct/indirect contact with an infected person who has recently been in that country.
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    Additional info

    Aruba checks disembarking passengers: Precautionary measures regarding swine influenza
    27 Apr, 2009, 11:53 (GMT -04:00)

    ORANJESTAD — Although no signs of swine influenza have been registered on Aruba or in the direct region, the government is taking precautionary measures. Passengers disembarking on the island by airplane or (cruise) ship, must full out a separate form regarding their health. Furthermore, the government ordered antiviral medication and protection materials such as masks from the Netherlands and the US.

    Hotels are required to report any visiting tourists showing signs of influenza. In cooperation with the Traffic Bureau ATA and Tourism Organization Ahata, the government is looking for a location to accommodate those infected by the influenza. Serious infected persons will however not be admitted to hospitals to prevent further contamination, but brought to locations directly in their surroundings. The Head of Public Health, managing the prevention plan, says it is possible to place persons, also tourists, in quarantine. “We are sounding the alarm, but taking precautionary measures now, so that we will not be at the end of the line should we require medication and protection materials within two weeks. We are merely a small island, depending on others abroad for the required essentials and therefore have ordered these as if we already needed them”, says director Trevor Van Gellecum. Moreover, one of the medications ordered, the American medicine ‘Tami flu’ has an export quantity limitation of not more than 20.000. The other medication was ordered in the Netherlands, but the Public Health Department has no information yet regarding the available quantity.

    There are four medications on the market used against viral influenza, such as the swine influenza. Two of these have actually already become resistant. Furthermore, there is no medication against swine influenza. Medications are not available on Aruba as they are not often prescribed and too expensive. There are 300 protection suits now available for medical personnel. According to Van Gellecum, it is however now best that the population prevents infection by frequently washing their hands and wearing masks in case anyone in their neighborhood shows any signs of influenza.

    The Head of the Public Health Department will keep the medical care on Aruba informed on the latest developments. Hospitals, doctors, and other care institutions are compelled to report a suspected case. Blood samples will be forwarded to the lab of the Caribbean Epidemiology Center (Carcec). It will take up to three to seven days before results are known. During an emergency press conference yesterday, Van Gellecum said that no blood samples had been taken as of yet.

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    Influenza control in harbor and at Valero
    4 Mei, 2009, 10:42 (GMT -04:00)

    ORANJESTAD –– With regard to the Mexican influenza, the Head of Public Health took precautionary measures in the harbor of Oranjestad and at the Valero terminal. All ships, whether they are tankers, freighters, or cruise ships, are controlled upon arrival whether the crew and passengers have any illness symptoms. Only after a ship has been declared uninfected by the Head of the Public Health, may passengers and crew of the ship disembark. According to well-informed sources, the safety measures at Valero are highly accentuated. The crews of oil tankers mooring at Valero are prohibited to disembark. Moreover, people visiting these tankers are requested to wear gloves and masks upon boarding and whilst aboard. Upon closure of this newspaper, the Amigoe did not succeed in receiving a confirmation from Valero.

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    You have to fill out a form when arriving in Aruba.... or on the plane prior to landing. The form is rather simple and asks if you have been to Mexico.... or if you have any of several general symptoms of being ill. Rather informal ..... but you still have to do it..... or no going to immigration line! Got here Sunday May 3, 2009.
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    Just came back last night. Form is simply and i had no voice for 3 days of my one bothered me what so ever!!!! My bartender Curtis(Divi) made real sure my voice came back in a few days with many drinks. Customs was a breeze on both ends. I did carry purell . Dont be to worried.
    I think we just may go back in aug/oct.

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