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Thread: Switching hotel question mid stay question

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    No I am very popular at home, lol. My wife has every day pegged for her 4 weeks that she gets. She spent a few days to start the year in Aruba, a week in Feb, 7 days in August when we renew vows in Aruba, week for Xmas in Aruba, and she is going to visit her cousin in Georgia when I return, without me, lol. I offered of course but she has no time and has zero issues with me going alone, as I have no issues when she goes away with her mom or cousin...This is an example of why we do so well after being together more than 25 years, and married for 20 this June.

    I am determined to get to Aruba as many times and ways as possible this year. If I win gambling on my trips, I could see another trip over the summer, with my son and myself in Aruba while my wife is on a business trip...- providing I can lineup some babysitting help for my nights when he is asleep. I have a set minimum in my savings account and anything above that amount is free game in 2016. I took out my spending money yesterday for my trip next week so I am back at my minimum amount...good thing I have money stashed for April from my winnings last trip, lol. I am so weird with money its funny.
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