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    Talk of new cruise terminal etc......

    today's AMIGOE

    ORANJESTAD — Director of Aruba Ports Authority (APA) Alfonso Boekhoudt presents the plans for a new cruise terminal and a new city centre for Oranjestad. The first congress on urban renewal on Aruba ‘Renobacion Urbano’ and part of the master plan ‘Bo Aruba’ started yesterday in the Renaissance Convention Center.

    In this, the government wants to renovate Oranjestad, San Nicolas and the districts on the island structurally. Experts from the Netherlands, the United States and Aruba will be giving lectures, workshops and presentations this week on subjects, from monument care up to water management and economical development. The plans emanating from the workshops will be presented this Saturday. They regard district improvement in the Rancho, improvements in the street scene, and the development of the harbor. These presentations are open to public and will be held between eight and eleven o’clock in the morning.

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    well, that's would be nice to see downtown spruced up and made to be more people friendly again....I just wish they could figure out a way to make a turning lane or something to ease the congestion through the main thoroughfare easier....of course then it wouldn't be the same would it???

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    That would be great!
    And at the same time a big plus for the Renaissance owners....

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    Best news I have heard all day!

    Next Aruba trip in

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