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Thread: Tell us of your first Aruba visit

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    Aruba since 1979
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    Keep your stories coming.
    Enjoyable reading.
    Aruba so very terribly addicting.

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    Eagle Beach, Baby Beach, Arashi Beach Tierra Del Sol golf course
    Our first visit was April, 1994. We purchased a timeshare in Las Vegas in 1992 and became members of RCI. DW wanted a caribbean beach vacation in 1994 so I contacted RCI to see about trading somewhere with a nice beach. I told the lady we wanted to go somewhere that you could relax on the beach and not be bothered. We had been to Nassau, Barbados and St Thomas and didnt like all the vendors on the beaches there. She said she had 2 places available for our requested dates. St Maarten and Aruba. I chose Aruba and the rest is history. We stayed a week at the Aruba Beach Club. I was worried that I might have made the wrong choice until we got there. The beaches on Aruba are the best place ever to relax. We have been 16 times now and always stay at least 10 days. A week isnt enough.

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    My first visit to Aruba was quite eventful. I had never been anywhere and my boyfriend, who had traveled to all the islands decided to take me to Aruba. We arrived about 2pm on a Monday afternoon and I fell in love with it. At dinner that evening I said to my boyfriend, "If I could only have one day here, I'd be happy girl"...little did I know that would come to pass. I got a call the next morning at 6am that my son was in the hospital. Boarded the 2pm flight (same crew) back to Boston, connecting through Newark and was at UMass Worcester at midnight. My boyfriend, being the great guy that he is, promised me we'd return and 5 months later we did - and have gone back 4 more times since. As I said he has traveled all over the Caribbean and likes Aruba the best. The beach, the people, the climate - it has everything we want. Unfortunately this year we could not return, but are hoping to go back next Spring - fingers crossed!!!

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    My first trip was in 2007 for my 40th birthday. Not only was I celebrating my birthday but also my 12th year of being free from breast cancer which had tagged me with a prognosis that was not very positive. I wanted the trip to be somewhere warm with a beach and originally we were planning to go to Cancun. My husband had picked out a package deal that looked pretty good and we decided the next day we would purchase it. When we woke up the package was no longer available so my husband found a good deal for the Westin in Aruba. We didn't know anything about Aruba but it was warm and had beaches so bingo we pulled the trigger. Sitting on the beach, wading in the beautiful water and meeting such nice people in Aruba affected a physical, spiritual and emotional healing for me on that trip. It really was life changing and hard to describe. We have been coming back every year since and I am never disappointed to be there.

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    We bought a timeshare at Hilton Head on the secondary market in 2000 with the intention of using it to exchange. We wanted to go someplace different and I somehow found the Marriott Ocean Club and requested the exchange. Our first visit was in 2000. We invited my wife's sister and her husband to go with us. We liked Aruba very much and had a great week. We decided to try some other places for a few years and went to Cancun and St. Maarten and a couple of exchanges in the US, but finally decided that we really liked Aruba best. In 2004 we when back, skipped a year, then have gone to Aruba every year since 2006, except my spouse broke her leg one week before the 2009 trip, but her sister and her husband were able to go that year. In 2012, we bought a week at Ocean Club and are now owners at Aruba. In 2011, my brother-in-law passed and his children and spouses made the trip to take his ashes to Aruba. Our 2013 trip in November will be our 9th and sister's 10th visit.

    All of our trips have been enjoyable and exploring the island is always interesting. We have driven through high water and got temporarily lost a few times, but we always manage to find our way. We love the Gouda cheese and look forward to eating it all week at the timeshare unit.

    We enjoy the beaches, people, scenery, exploring, shopping, restaurants and think Aruba is a great place to be. We have lots of good memories about our adventures in Aruba.

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    Our first trip was on our honeymoon in Sept. 1996. We had such a wonderful time in a lanai room just steps from the beach at the old Aruba Palm Beach Resort & Casino. I still remember pulling up in a taxi to a PINK hotel (which was one on my wedding colors) and laughing. We had decided on Aruba only because a local bank was running an airfare special to Aruba or St. Martin for $199 RT (you just had to open an acoount with them for the airfare special.) Since Sept. was hurricane season we opted for Aruba. In 1997 we were both feeling stressed from work so instead of a planned San Francisco trip we opted for a "do nothing" Aruba trip again. We have been going to Aruba every year since 1996 - as of 2005 we started going twice a year. We still go to other destinations throughout the year but Aruba remains our
    "recharge the batteries" place and a chance to see our Dutch and Aruban friends that we've made over the years.
    ~Amy~® - Sedona, AZ: April/May 2018 -- Ireland: June/July 2018 -- 36th trip to Aruba: Sept./Oct. 2018 --
    Italy: Nov./Dec. 2018

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    My girlfriend & I made our 1st visit, January 2003. It was to be like one of those once in a lifetime visits to an exotic locale. My sister and family had visited a couple times previously and raved about it. As I recall we rented a jeep for the entire week, top was down and I didn't have a clue as to how it went up, as it was it sprinkled one day for app 5 minutes so that was never a problem. I remember we went out on the Jolly pirate sunset cruise where even she did the rope swing, I did it 2-3 times.

    We went all over the island having the jeep, one day we planned a trip to the natural bridge, she made a little picnic type lunch and we got up early for our long trip to the other side do the island. We departed and boom, 20 minutes later we were there. Lol, a little early for lunch, but we hung out by baby beach and had our picnic.

    we stayed at renaissance and both loved the private island, on our last night there was a Caribbean themed dinner at the ocean suites we attended, and it was close to carnival, so they had a bunch of the royal court there to show off their dance moves and teach them to us after dinner, I did ok after a couple cocktails.

    The following year I returned with my new fiancé (same women), and every year since with my wife ( again same women), we enjoy the island, the weather and the hospitality of Aruba & have not seen it replicated in the same manner anywhere else. And while we do enjoy a trip to Vegas and elsewhere on occasion, when mean ole January rolls around, we be packing for our two weeks of summer ( 3 weeks this year).

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    1. Renaissance private island 2. Sunsets from our room 3. Baby beach 4. Alto Vista Chapel 5. Hiking Hooiberg 6. lighthouse and cunucu exploring 7. all the restaurants 8. Crystal and Seaport casinos 9. charlie's Bar 10. Downtown Orangestad.
    We were set to travel to St. Martin for our 20th wedding anniversary in 1995. A hurricane did major damage to St. Martin, so our travel agent suggested Aruba. That was a life changing decision for sure! We stayed at the Renaissance for our week. Rented a car and fell in love with our "Happy Island". We bought our first week on our fourth day on the island! We have subsequently purchased two additional weeks at the Renaissance for a total of three weeks in November. We have taken many good Friends with us to share Aruba and two couples bought and return with us every year! We have made so many great Friends in Aruba, too numerous to count, both locals and fellow visitors. We are looking forward to our 19th consecutive year in Aruba in November! God willing, we plan to return every year until we absolutely can't make the trip. We love Aruba!!


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    Our first trip to Aruba was in 2011. My wife is a teacher so we can only go on vacation during Christmas, Spring Break, or hurricane season. After doing some research we chose Aruba because it was out of the hurricane belt and it was safe. We immediately fell in love with island. The people, the beaches, the weather...etc. We have been back every year since, already planning our next July trip. It will be our 10th anniversary next year and I cannot think of a better place to spend it. Maybe even a vow renewal ceremony.
    Aruba Trip #9....March 2019....

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    Divi links, pool, beach, lighthouse, Arikok National Park, etc.
    My first trip was in May of 1998 or 1999. I went with an ex boyfriend. I don't think I had really heard of Aruba at that time, but the ex's friend had a timeshare at the Divi Phoenix that he wasn't using. Even though we were already having problems in the relationship, we decided that a vacation may be in order to change things up so we paid his maintenance, booked our airline tickets and off we went. We became friendly with one of the workers at the Divi (I feel terrible that his name slips my mind at the moment) and he offerred to take us on a tour of the island on his day off. He told us to pay him whatever we felt was appropriate. We rented a Jeep and he took us all over. Told us about the history, the stacking rocks, Lourdes Grotto, etc. He even took us to the tunnel of love cave (which I needed to come out of after about 3 minutes due to a claustrophobia attack)!!! I remember the weather being just lovely and never having experienced such cooling winds on a Carribean island before. They were building Paradise Beach villas at the time and ex put a down payment. Unfortunately, upon our return to the states, the relationship fizzled and ex was able to get his deposit back from the timeshare.

    Fast forward 6 years and my fiance (now husband) and I were looking for a honeymoon location. I suggested about Aruba. He had not heard much about the island at the time. I told him all the positives (minus the fact I had been there with my ex lol) and he agreed. I even told him that he would love it so much that he would want to buy a timeshare. Well, 3 days into our honeymoon at the Radisson, he did not hesitate a second when we were approached that they were building new golf villas on the Divi village property. We bought a one bedroom pre-construction. We enjoyed that room for a few years, and then while I was 7 months pregnant with my daugther (now 5), we came to the realization that we needed more space and more time on our favorite island. So we bought a second week and a studio and now enjoy our yearly two week vacations with hubby, daughter and my Mom!

    Some changes from 1998 to 2004 that I noted were the closing of Twinklebones (we got free tickets to teh dinner/show from seeing the Paradise Beach villas in 1998), the closing of the show with the blonde ponytail guy with the tiger and a restaurant at the Hyatt that had swans swimming by (can't remember the name). It may have been a Spanish restaurant.

    Well, one good thing came out of my former relationship - the introduction to my most favorite place in the world!!!

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