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Thread: Tell us of your first Aruba visit

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    Eagle Beach, Glitz Casino, Manchebo Beach Resort

    "Some changes from 1998 to 2004 that I noted were the closing of Twinklebones (we got free tickets to teh dinner/show from seeing the Paradise Beach villas in 1998), the closing of the show with the blonde ponytail guy with the tiger and a restaurant at the Hyatt that had swans swimming by (can't remember the name). It may have been a Spanish restaurant."

    Good news for you.... Ruinas del Mar is still at the Hyatt... with swans and all!

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    We are coming up on our 8th trip to Aruba. Our first trip was an excuse to use US Air and Marriott points for a long overdue vacation at a reasonably small cost. We stayed at the Renaissance, rode the boat over to the private island, and had a wonderful time. On the referral of a friend, we decided to do a tour of the Marriott Surf Club. We were doing it mostly for the points and as an opportunity to take the bus to the Palm Beach area. On the bus ride there we kept telling ourselves that we were just going to look and certainly couldn't buy a timeshare as our friends had. We admitted that we liked the island; the laid back atmosphere, natural beauty, its people, food and nightlife, but we really just couldn't afford it. We took the tour of the Marriott Surf Club grounds, awestruck by the Lazy River, the deluxe accommodations, the white sand beach and the hustle and bustle of the Palm Beach area. Later that day, as we waited for the bus to take us back downtown, with towels, t-shirts, hats and an armload of paperwork, we were officially owners at the Surf Club. So much for a "reasonably small cost" trip and our vow not to make a purchase! It has turned out to be one of the best decisions we ever made. We are in love with Aruba, and cherish every trip we take to the island and our timeshare at the Surf Club, and the memories we leave with.

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    first trip 1990, at the americana hotel. when we arrived the bellhop, lucas schmidt aka scmiddy took our bags and asked if we would like a cocktail in our room,
    well he spent the next hour drinking and talking, loved this guy. passed away around 12 years ago, the resort held his service in the lobby, class move, deserving..
    that same evening went to buccaneer, joseph the owner who would check each table, he introduced my wife and I to a few taxi drivers, for those
    familiar with the buccaneer, it's where many taxi drivers hang.
    we went midnight bowling with the cab drivers, after that day i was hooked.
    stay 5 times year now.

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    My first trip to Aruba was in 1997. My father took my brother and I in October for two weeks. I was 13 at the time. I look back now and wish I realized how lucky I was to be able to spend two weeks at a time on the island. I have been going back to the island every year since 1997. My father no longer goes every year but I have continued the tradition with my wife. Her and I have been going every year since we married in 2009. We spent two weeks on Aruba for our honeymoon and now go every year in April when my wife is on school break (she is a elementary school teacher) . Every year we contemplate trying a different place but there is that special something that draws us back to this beautiful island. Where else can you go any time of the year and be guaranteed perfect weather every day with very minimal chance of rain. My wife and I dont get a lot of time off so when we do it is reassuring to know that when we visit Aruba our time off will be fulfilled with great times and great weather. We truly love this island, thank god my dad choose Aruba and the Costa Linda as his primary vacation spot when I was younger!

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    Think it was in the mid 80's...We were on a cruise and Aruba was our last stop. We decided to forego the tours with the cruise ship and just rent a jeep and drive around the island. I remember being amazed because nobody was chasing us around to braid my hair, sell me trinkets,etc. We were hounded relentlessly on Granada, to the point that my girlfriend and I got in the water so we would be left alone.
    We drove around the island stopped at what I think I remember as being Eagle Beach and put our towels down to enjoy the sun.....Got up a bit later only to be covered in sand !!! The wind was really strong that day and I remember thinking that I it didn't feel as hot as it I knew it should be, then the wind stopped for a minute and WOW....So, back to tanning and after a while we decided to go get something to eat. When we all got up we were covered in sand and I wasn't sure if I could stand being covered in sand all the time if we ever decided to came to visit for a week. Asked someone on the beach about it and they told us we should have gotten some lounge chairs.....duh...
    Found a place to eat (no memories of where though), and got back to the boat.....
    When we got back I remember telling some of the folks I worked with about our vacation and someone mentioned the one doctor we worked with had a timeshare on Aruba and that he rented it out. So I talked to him about it and then asked Dh if he would be willing to go and see what the island would be like for a week. The TS was at Cas DelMar and it was lovely....we hung on the beach, ate at the French Steakhouse, rented a jeep and toured the island.....and the rest is history....fell madly in love with Aruba and can not go without it !!!!

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    Our first trip to Aruba was for our honeymoon. At first our wedding was scheduled for September 2011 so I was looking to avoid hurricanes and Aruba seemed like a good idea. In December 2010 we eloped on a spur of the moment weekend and cancelled our September wedding plans. We decided to reschedule our honeymoon and moved it up to March of 2011. We had a tight budget for this trip. We went to an old fashioned travel agency to get some ideas for a Costa Rica trip and the travel agent recommended Aruba and gave us some great ideas. We ended up booking a Sunday-Friday trip all-inclusive at the Holiday Inn. As the trip got closer we decided we wanted to do a full week and added the Friday and Saturday before our scheduled trip. We did those two nights at the Tropicana because everything else was full. We had no idea that we were arriving during the big Carnivale weekend. At the Tropicana we were pretty worried about how the trip was going to go. We arrived late afternoon and ate at the restaurant behind the Tropicana. This was before the casino was open there, so there wasnít much going on. The food wasnít that great and it was more expensive that we were ready for. We had a tight budget for this trip, but I wasnít really worried since most of the trip we would be all inclusive; we will never do all inclusive in Aruba again though. We made the really long walk over to the beach and touched the Caribbean for the first time and were pretty much in love with it at that very moment. The next day I had booked Jolly Pirates for us thinking it would keep us busy before we moved into our permanent room for the remainder of the week - we loved it! We took the bus from Eagle Beach to Palm Beach and got our first experience with the friendly Aruban people. We wanted to check out the Holiday Inn area we would be moving to. We had a hard time finding a breakfast place open early on the street side. Oh how much I have learned since those days!!! Jolly Pirates was and still is our favorite excursion on the island. We got to enjoy the island and exciting vibe during the Carnivale celebration but we didnít go downtown for the actual parade because I get anxious in crowds. Our first trip we did a Jeep tour to explore the National Park and Baby Beach. One thing that we noticed every time we talked to people was how many return visitors there were. Everyone we met was on their 7th, 10th, or more trips. We knew right then that there was something special about a place that people would keep going back to year after year.
    Since 2011 we have been back each year. Our second visit was for the Super Bowl which I will definitely do again. This year we went during the first week of May when the crowds from spring have died down. Each experience has been better than the last and we canít wait to go back!
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