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    Thank you Chadd!!!

    We adopted the last kitten from the 'Mickey Mouse Club' this week and
    wanted to thank Chadd and Yessy for helping out. Chadd you are a total angel in my book for everything you did to unite this kitten with her new home! I just can't thank you enough!

    Got this wonderful emails from the person who just got her:
    1. My daughter & I picked her yesterday a.m. in Corning NY. Chadd and his wife were kind enough to drive her up to Corning NY where we met and took her home to Buffalo. Aurora, now known as Trixie, is just a little tiny thing! She slept most of the 2.5 hour ride home to Buffalo. She is a sweet little girl--full of energy and play, which she did most of the night last night until she got exhausted and curled up next to me to finally sleep.
    I want to thank all of you for all you have done to let me have the pleasure of giving this little girl a home. Trixie will be well-taken care of and share the house with my four cats and German Shepard, Sasha.
    As soon as Trixie sits still long enough for me to get pictures, I will send them on to you both.
    Thank you again!

    2. Trixie is settling in very well. She has met the other cats and
    my dog and has chased them through the house already! It looks so funny
    to see this tiny, tiny cat chase this big German Shepard.

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    this forum has "many" angels that love animals.

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    yes there are! And so thankful there are people who care so much!

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