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    Smile Thank you so much!!!

    I just wanted to take a quick minute to thank everyone on this board. This is truly an an amazing site. Everyone on here has a wealth of information to share and it has been so helpful. I joined last year and have only posted a few times. I have pretty much been a ghost on here since posting half of a trip report last year. I've been doing a lot of reading here (mainly because I feel I don't have too much to contribute) but I will try to make it a point to fix that. We are preparing for our second visit on March 3rd and this site has been a lifeline and a sanctuary. I cannot wait to leave the single digit temperatures of Boston behind.

    I have my plane tickets confirmed (great deal), hotel booked (Divi again), packing list printed (Thank you LizofNJ) and the bin of bathing suits out of the closet (and renewed my Gym membership). This site has given me so many great suggestions of things to do (rent a jeep/ATV for a day), places to eat (OMATS) and people to meet (I just emailed Bully to see if he is available when we arrive). I feel after being down there once I am much more prepared and excited because I know some of what to expect and have so much more to see/do.

    I'm not really sure if this post had a point other than to give thanks, but I can't stress it enough. This board is amazing! Thank you!

    Next Aruba trip in

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    you are most welcomed!
    this board is helpul to all
    take from it what you need
    and make sure you post your suggestions and observations too!


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    Your comments are truly welcomed by all of us. It is such a pleasure to hear of others, other than I, getting helpful hints; and so much information that makes each and evey trip to Aruba such a memorable occasion.

    I am sure anything you post will be enjoyed by all.

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    Welcome and glad to see you learned a lot about the island here......I have learned so much myself and have been addicted to the site for awhile now...It is no wonder with all of the wonderful folks that offer suggestions to make your trip more enjoyable....
    Have fun and post your trip upon return....

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