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    Theft and car break ins

    I had posted this on another Aruba bb and in response to a post on this board. Hopefully, some others can comment. Thank you.

    I wonder whether visitors to Aruba are at a higher risk due to the V designation on the license plates of rental cars. It seems to me that if you rent a car that prominently displays a rental car company logo/advert or just shows the V plate, and park it outside the rental home, then this would alert those committing these crimes to the fact that the visitor will be away from the house at beaches, restaurants etc. Seems to me it would invite the criminal to watch for departures and plan a break in. Similarly, I believe the V plate encourages break ins to cars, as these people realise that most tourists are on the island for a week or 2 and when they are gone, the authorities will probably not pursue the matter.

    It would be nice if AHATA and the Aruban Govt. would consider a single licensing system that does not make it obvious that the car is a rental. Also, if the rental car companies would stop advertising all over the car

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    hmmm, that's very interesting and I can see how this can be a problem. Let's face it, criminals due their due dilligence, they know the rental properties, they know the cars, they know what they are doing. This doesn't really affect me since I stay on the hotels property and I do not rent a car but I do see how this can be a problem. If I were to rent a car after knowing this, I would keep minimal stuff in the car and bring my belongings with me when I left the vehicle unattended.

    Thanks for the heads up, good 411 for the people who rent cars!

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    ,This is a good posting. Aquaman posed a question and Arubamark offered good suggestions. Minimal amounts of property left in cars...since the car has a "V" for "Visitor"... most certainly should discourage a thief from breaking into the vehicle. So,just take the most necessary items with you in the vehicle and, when you leave the vehicle, take the cameras and other valuables with you.

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