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    Those whose caribbean vacations affected by the hurricanes of 2017

    If you were affected by the hurricane(s) of 2017 and had to cancel your visit to one of the islands that sustained damage....... and visited Aruba instead...wht are your opinions about Aruba?

    We have friends that rent a vacation place in St Maarten annually for a few weeks. That rental home was totally destroyed in one of the storms, so our friends booked Aruba as a substitute.

    They loved Aruba, but plan on resuming their St Maarten trips as soon as they can.

    I asked them if they'd consider swapping out St Maarten for Aruba. The answer was no for replacing St Maarten, but yes for adding Aruba and they are hooked on Eagle Beach and stayed at Paradise Beach Villas. Their love for St Maarten is comparable to our love of Aruba.

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    Two of the people who rented next to us last month(three different couples/friends) usually go to St. Thomas but came here instead and were impressed. Both wanted our contact information for friends. We have friends who always go to St. Marteen for three weeks to their timeshare. It is currently closed and planned two weeks here and were really looking forward to it, until a ladder went out from under him and he needed his ankle screwed back together with a plate.

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