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    Timeshare Project Off for Starwood/Westin

    Trees not needed to be cut perhaps Tuesday, February 12, 2008

    A great deal of Kwihi- and foyo di cruz trees were cut in October of last year to clear the building site of the timeshare tower near the Westin Hotel.

    ORANJESTAD – The build of the timeshare tower next to the Westin-hotel near Palm Beach is off for the time being. Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, the parent company of Westin, didn’t give an official reason, but according to rumours, the company does no longer see the point of selling luxurious apartments.

    After a great deal of trees was cut in October of last year, the land lies since then fallow. A high tower with very luxurious apartment was going to be built here. The purchase price of the apartments was going to be about 1.5 million florins. The models were almost complete in the Westin-hotel; an investment of about 6 million florins. The personnel that had to sell these timeshare apartments were already dismissed in December. Nobody knows what Westin-hotel is going to do with the land, but there is a lot in interest, especially from the Marriott Hotel.

    The locals like the beach in front of the plot very much. At first there was a lot of protest against Westin’s plans to build timeshare apartments on the parking area. But Starwood promised to fix the park and the access roads and build extra facilities, like a new showers and sales booths for water-sport and food and beverages. Starwood also promised to conserve as much as possible the original nature and especially the many monumental kwihi- and foyo di cruz trees, which were nevertheless cut in October of last year. Starwood indicated last week that even though the timeshares are off, the park will be finished according to plans.

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    They were clearing the debris from this area all last week and starting to put up a new fence and getting rid of old one

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