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    Tom and Karen's home address in michigan

    hey folks

    some of you indicated sending cards of sympathy to karen.
    i do not feel comfortable giving out the home address of members

    but if you want, please private message me
    i will give you my home address

    i will put all of the sympathy cards together
    and send them off to Karen on or about Feb 6

    yes i am on my way to aruba tomorrow morning

    my mail is on HOLD at home
    that gives all of you time to send me sympathy cards if you so choose

    please make sure when you sign the card you indicate your real name and your "username".

    pm me for my home address

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    Andrea, thank you, that is really a nice jesture.
    Pass along our sympathy to Karen when you see her.
    I am truely sad for her, I don't know her, but I feel I do.

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    Any Aruba beach...

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