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Thread: Tourist Visa Extension...My adventures with DIMAS

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    Wow! That brings back memories!!! We went thru that in 2005 when it was called DINA and located in San Nick. First visit we were outside the wrong door - the next door opened and a security guard stepped out and was swarmed for pieces of paper. Found out on that day - that was the number of the queue and who could be processed that day. Place was small with wooden benches. People were processing multiple people and that would cause a fight. It was not fun.

    Dimas was good for a while - but I guess this is now it's time to be messed up again. As I stated in my other thread - rent here and investigate what you have to do. Includes DIMAS, SIA and AZB. Of course Aruba has the best timing - it does this when people need it!!!

    Let's just hope this gets straightened out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    Aqua man/john.. Is aruba residency an option for u and Bobbi ?
    Yes it is an option, however there are some downsides to full time residency. Tax issues and should one decease real issues with respect to settling an estate. It is done in Aruba and not in Canada. Also we would lose some of the social programs in Canada including Health coverage. We looked long and hard into full time residency. There are a number of hidden costs and also it is a bit of an administrative nightmare with permit renewals etc. We have elected to use the 6+6 program....winter in Aruba and go back and enjoy the beautiful Northern summers on the lakes and in cottage country


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    Sounds like a wonderful plan John! I'm jealous!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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