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Thread: Traditions? Pre-trip or while on the island

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    Traditions? Pre-trip or while on the island

    Is there anything you must do during pre-Aruba preparation? Any traditions while on the island?

    For 30 days prior to take off I send an email out to everyone coming with us or meeting us there. It's a daily countdown. We start with "Aruba Tidbit #30" and it is usually some fun fact I find online about Aruba - starting with discovery and gold mining, and touch on many different aspects of the island including land & sea excursions, sea turtles, flora, the national anthem, holidays & culture, etc.

    Our first stop after getting our vehicles is always The Paddock - it is where we are able to just sit and enjoy our first Balashi and the trade winds and enjoy the fact that we made it back!

    Our last evening is always spent at Madam Janette's. Always bittersweet. Always a beautiful night.

    These things have become some of our family traditions - what are yours?
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Our traditional first night dining experience in early years when our son and his friend were with us, was dinner at Tony Romas.
    I always hated it there, but the boys loved it.
    We started out there as it was their highlight from a long travel day.

    Our new tradition is Hung Paradise for dinner. It is a lighter meal and Paul and I love chinese.......especially Hung Paradise's food!

    Another tradition is Alto Vista Chapel where we spend some time to reflect.

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    Our must do is jumping in the jeep and doing a "what is new" tour around the island....usually mid way thru our stay just to see what is new, what is closed, etc.....we always seem to find a new bar/eatery and always make new friends !!! Best way to meet the folks that "allow" us to come and enjoy their island every year !!!!

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    Eagle Beach, Glitz Casino, Manchebo Beach Resort
    First tradition is locking in the dates when we get our first flyer from Player's Choice/MCM in the middle of a cold New England January!

    First tradition on the island is our Aruba Ariba toast at Gilligan's after checking in.

    Dining traditions include Mme J's for dinner for night 2 on the island and Sunset Grille for our last night!

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    Anywhere where I can see the turquoise-blue ocean
    My tradition prior to going to Aruba: to let my close friends on Aruba know that I'm coming. It's also a tradition to meet them on my first and last day of my stay. And in between, playing it by the ear as everyone has a busy life, even living on Aruba.

    While on Aruba, it's also a tradition for me to make a trip to the California Lighthouse, then to Alto Vista to reflex, continuing to the Ostrich Farm where I love the African feel of it, it always reminds me of Kenya. I have some juice and water there before continuing my trip to the Natural Bridge to spend some time there, looking out to the mighty ocean and watching those strong waves splashing against the rocks.

    A daily tradition for me is also to drive to Oranjestad. I LOVE the yacht harbor, the Marketplace, the Renaissance shopping center, even the pink-colored mall which looks like a huge cake! LOL

    Another tradition is: if possible I stay close to the ocean at sunset time to take pictures. It can be at different locations on the island. But I really LOVE to take the time and watch this daily spectacle Mother Nature provides for us. For me, each sunset looks different. On some days the sky is more golden/orange, on other days it's more light blue/purple and on other days, it's dramatic gold/orange/red.

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    Any beach!!
    Our tradition has been the ferry to the airport. Once we're on that boat vacation has begun. My other tradition is my ongoing search for a djuco nut. After reading a few articles about it being lucky and a popular Arubian souvenier, I have looked for one every trip. No luck so far. I've had a few leads like a kiosk across from the Radisson where they have jewelry fashions from the nut but I have never found it. So, once we return to Aruba my tradition will continue.

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Bully greeting us at the airport

    Late afternoon swim right before happy hour.

    First and last night's dinners at Passions. Going all inclusive our next trip so already have 4 nights reserved there

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    First night used to be Tony Roma's but not anymore. Now it's whatever. I'll sit on the balcony and go through the coupons and brochures collected at the airport and the front desk before heading to bed the first night.

    I go food shopping first thing Monday morning and get that done. Then I have a relaxing massage at Manchebo. That's my favorite, albeit new, Great way to loosen up after lugging suitcases and groceries around. Then it's fun, sun and friends for the rest of the week.
    ​Laura from NH/Divi Village

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    I go end of January for 2 weeks into the beginning of February. I've already decided which restaurants I'm going to patronize while I'm there, with a couple of uncommitted nights just in case. On January 1 I start sending emails for online dinner reservations. That gives me plenty of time for confirmations and to chase after those restaurants that don't reply. I also make out my packing list, in case there's anything I still need to get (in case anything from last year doesn't quite fit).
    The first day I'll have a mango daiquiri at Happy Hour at LaCabana upon my arrival, since my room is *never* ready when I get there...
    My last evening is dinner at Gasparito. Lovely atmosphere, native cuisine, friendly establishment.

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    We also visit Aruba weeks 4 and 5.

    I'm tracking ticket prices and expect to book by 11/1 because that's when my credits expire ion Jet Blue. My dear wife starts thinking about Aruba in the Fall and starts making notes and buying things to pack. In January I start looking at restaurants and practicing blackjack online. DW is packed by early January. I pack Friday or Saturday for Sunday's departure.

    We stop at the duty free liquor store and pick up some dark rum and gin.

    Our friends are waiting for us at the timeshare and have drinks and dinner waiting for us.

    Monday morning we head out to Ling's for groceries.

    DW tries to coordinate dinners out with our friends and her daughter and family who arrive for the second week so I don't have free reign on restaurant selection. Our friends, daughter and my wife all have "must do" places to go so that cuts down on my selections of new restaurants.

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