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    Traveler's Check Cards

    Just went to the bank and found they no longer issue Traveler's Checks, only a pre-paid card. Does anyone know if there are fees associated with using the card? I've always cashed a check at the front desk at the Costa Linda, now I heard they don't except checks? Can you get withdrawals from ATM's without charges? We'll be in Aruba on Thursday and need to know ASAP.

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    AAA has travelers fee !

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    my opinion is that you should get the paper version of the traveler's checks.
    i just checked with my credit union and they only have the paper (traditional) version.
    if you are a member of AAA the traveler's checks are free....(no service charge)
    also too, some banks and credit unions have them for free.
    if costa linda has indeed stopped accepting travelers checks that imo is not good business.

    travlers checks can be cashed for FREE aka NO CHARGE at the casinos in aruba.

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    Never heard of the card. Our credit union gave me the paper version.
    I had no problems cashing them at the casino. FYI-Some excursion places don't take them which really surprised me.

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