okay....here is completely different reason I carry cash and use credit cards......once while in aruba I used my debit card for a purchase and when my statement came it also showed a McCroes Border Fee, not much, 2 small fees probably totaling 10 cents. I figured it went with the territory and let it go. Next month again for about the same amount and I again figured I must have charged something I forgot. Third month and another charge, this time I called the bank and asked about the charges and they said they would check into it. I did get two of the three charges reimbursed to me and the bank replaced my debit card with a new one. After that I got a little nervous about using debit cards and now use only my credit card for hotel and rental vehicle but pay them off in cash the day with check out of hotel and return car. I have thought about just letting the charges go onto card and then pay them off at end of month with money I would normally have taken with me to aruba but I can't be trusted to do that......so cash it is !!!!
Now, on another note...We were in Canada this summer and went out to dinner and I used my debit card there....lo and behold when the statement came, there were those darn McCroes Border Fees again !!!!! So I guess the charges were legit the first time I was charged (in Aruba), but I don't think the rest were....someone figuring a small amount wouldn't be challenged ....but imagine how much money you could make if no body bothered to challenge those 5-10 cent charges....millions in no time flat !!!!!!