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    i get ours from our credit union and there is no fee.
    AAA also has travelers checks........unsure if they have a fee.

    remember, if you have travelers checks and your vacation is those checks. american express hopes that you will tuck a few in your wallet and save for an emergency. while those uncashed checks sit, american express is making money in interest on YOUR money.

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    They are getting rare. A lot of banks don't carry them any more. Go to the American Express website and there is a locator for who still issues travelers checks in your area.

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    With my bank I have a daily limit of 200.00

    Which I can lift on each vacation.
    Please make sure your bank knows you are out of the country and the dates. and have any restrictions placed on your card lifted.

    Last time we used our card we were charged an international fee, which over the course of a week was way too high for me.

    We now take cash

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    Thumbs down

    >>>> "i never recommend using debit cards out of the country for purchases"
    ----- A big DITTO!
    >>>> "Where do you get Traveler's Checks?"
    ----- Have been bringing Amer Express Travel Checks to Aruba for many years. Yes, some banks have stopped selling them. So call around.
    I get mine fee free from my Credit Union.
    I usually use a Credit Card for resort bill. Travel Checks for restaurants.
    Most resorts and casinos will cash those checks. There is a limit per day.
    Remember to bring US$$ in the new $$ bills.
    Yes, some credit cards charge a foreign transaction fee in Aruba. Its depends on which bank/company/credit union handles your card and not the type(like VISA/MC}.
    Since my charge purchases were in US$$ my Chase VISA Freedom and Costco American Express Credit Cards did not charge any fees. Some other VISA's or Amer Express will charge that fee. At the Ling & Sons Supermarket they did ask to see a photo ID.
    >>> "Is the money secure in the in room safes?"
    ----- It usually is. Where Are you staying? Someone may have a better answer for you. At my timeshare a robber would have to use a very big drill to drill out the lock. Some other resorts that have the combination type might be easlier. Remember to always lock your doors. Even the balcony.
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