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Thread: Traveling Style for couples - Always together, or some time apart?

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    If the hired help is given a room in the mansion to sleep count me in as well.

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    Eagle Beach, Oceania
    We are usually always together when we travel. However; now that we are here for 3 months and he is working from here, we are not together as often. I'll do errands/shopping or go to the pool or do things in the condo while he works out of the second bedroom. Stu will go to the gym here to go on the eliptical and I'll go out for a walk/and a little bit of running.

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    In the pool.
    Quote Originally Posted by cpjones View Post
    Me.... Me..... choose me to carry the cocktails.... all day.... all night.... I am a great cocktail carrier...!
    LOL.... First come, first served...

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    I get up early to secure a chickee and go for a run, then we usually do everything together. I will golf one day in each of our two week stay and my wife may go off on her own during the day to do a little bit of shopping.
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    My first reaction was to say we are always together, but after reading some responses I realized that we really aren't always together. I am a very early riser (only in Aruba) and so I spend a few hours completely alone. Sometimes when I get too frustrated with the family for sleeping in SO late I head to the beach. Rich likes to enjoy the calm morning and can only handle a few hours at the beach so he comes down later. He doesn't do any sort of shopping well so I handle all that - food shopping, chachki shopping, drug stores, etc. We always do bingo/frozen happy hour/real happy hour & dinner together.
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    In Aruba, we are always together, other than if one of us wants to walk the beach while we're at the beach. In real life, we're always together too as we work together. This year, if everything goes according to plan, we will be retired before we go to Aruba.

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    Me and My Husband stay together ...we travel with another couple every year so we will meet them at the Beach ... stay for a few hours then back to condo shower and head out for a few nice cooling drinks and lite lunch.... We go downtown a few days we love it there... we all have dinner together that's when we split. me and my husband will go to Casino and other couple back the time we get back there sleeping. works great
    for us

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