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    Smile trip report

    just returned from 5 weeks in aruba. 3 days at quality apts, 4 weeks at divi village and then 3 more days at quality apts. what a trip. had never gone for more than 3 weeks and wife thought 5 weeks might be too long. wrong!!! weather perfect, got to see old friends again and a couple in our group got married on the beach.
    mj's still our favorite, but new place called cook's-a block from el gaoucho-came in second. manager at cooks(ami) very friendly and accomadating.
    only bad thing was thrifty car rental. made reservation in august and was quoted $907. upon returning car, girl started at $1200. after an hour of arguing, she finally came to $937 and refused to honor aruba plus card. was starting to get late and dild not want to miss flight, so took her offer, but will file complaint with master card and thrifty. too bad last thing we will remember is her and thrifty. never again with them.
    outside of that, a perfect trip. starting countdown till next year!!!

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    Thanks for the heads up on Thrifty. I think thats what we had planned on using, will have to watch the charge, maybe even change while we have the chance.
    WOW..5 weeks, you must be so mellowed out.

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    Maybe you should try economy car rental. I've had some good experiences with them.

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    I can only dream about spending 5 weeks in Aruba. You must have had a blast.
    Michelle & Mike

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    With Thrifty and aruba plus card only reservations made directly via are valid.
    Nothing if they were done via
    Was it the case?

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