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Thread: TV in Aruba

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    Depends on when we are there. In September we(I) watch a little football. We usually turn on CNN at breakfast but eat on the balcony so don't see a lot of it unless there is breaking news.

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    We always watch the Super Bowl on TV while in Aruba. Also follow extreme weather.

    Beyond that, we turn the TV on at night when we get into bed to unwind a bit B4 we drift off to sleep.

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    Senior Member wannagoback's Avatar
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    We watch some news in the am. The World Series is usually on when we are in Aruba, so if we do not watch it at the bar we watch it in the room.

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    We will usually watch a movie or two on Netflix via Apple TV. Watch CNN or Sky news in the morning.

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    I've watched Netflix when insomnia hit me. The only time I really remember turning on television was I think last year we turned it on one night to one of those Red Carpet fashion critique shows. Turned out to be Joan Rivers last television appearance. The only time I have ever watched TV in Aruba and the only time I have ever watched one of those shows.

    the officially unofficial podcast of the island of Aruba. Tips, tricks and stories about the best place on earth! If you don't listen you are missing out.

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    I watch my soaps while I iron (yes I iron my vacations clothes while on vacation) times are a little different with the time change back home. Sometimes in the afternoon watch the news to see weather back home, usually pretty cold and funny to watch until we have to leave, then not so funny at all

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    Aruba since 1979
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    i am enjoying the answers

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    We usually have the TV on. To me it's just background noise, but the kids & hubby tend to actually pay attention to it.

    Peg & Tracey - I used to watch GH years ago! Haven't seen it in about 20 years now - boy I sound so old!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    We always go to Aruba in November.
    So I have to tune in DWTS for the Bride.
    On Wednesday night we catch up on Survivor.
    Depending on who's playing, might catch some football.

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    Any beach!!
    I'll make you feel better Jacki. I've been watching GH for over 40 years!! Now that's old!!

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