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    Re: Underage drinking in Aruba

    Typical "Mentality" of the times....

    My kids must be someone else's fault. I get must be McDonald's fault.

    Take responsibility for your own actions. They are YOUR kids. Why do I have to look out for them? Why do YOU leave them alone at night...and at midnight??

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    Re: Underage drinking in Aruba

    Hi there parents -

    An interesting question to ask kids that drak bit much is the following:

    Now that you are sober - be honest with me and tell me which of these two things you feelt just prior to comming home.

    Mom and Dad don't care anyway.


    Mom and Dad are going to kill me when they find out.

    There can be a wealth of information in answers.


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    Re: Underage drinking in Aruba

    I love your perception on things. You are a great dad.

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    Re: Underage drinking in Aruba

    What happened at Carlos and Charlies?

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    im 16 and live in the England, letting teenagers drink happens often, it dont make you an unresponsable parent to let your child drink, my parents let me, and all my friends drink also and there parents allow them to . most people over here start drinking at 15. and because they start drinking young they drink responsable. as i drink most weeks and yet im a A* student. so in america i think you need to loosen up on your kids. and when on holidays you should for certain.

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