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    Urgent homes needed for kittens

    ArubaMillie's mom has 3 precious kittens are still looking for a great home!! PLEASE help us spread the word around.... They are 6 months old.

    Her mom will be in GA probably for half the year starting July, so we need to get these kitties a great home! Her dad wants to already drop them off somewhere... Her heart is breaking if I can't help mom out!!!

    We fear for these kitten's well being and lives. Dumping kittens is
    a death sentence.

    Please help us spread the word around!!!

    They are sweet, spayed...and very friendly!

    Check them out at:

    I have an album with pics on: Jamilie Rader-Geerman's Photos - Kitties up for Adoption! | Facebook

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    I was able to find a great person on the island to get them. She has a home for one,
    is keeping one and looking for a home for the other one.

    At least now they are in a good place and we don't have worry about when
    ArubaMillie's mom leaves in July!

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