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Thread: Vacation Shaming? "You going away again??!!!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Amy~ View Post
    We travel alot every year and anyone who know us knows this. The comments I usually get are positive ones from co-workers, friends, and family who like to hear about any new destinations they might be interested in. The general attitude is that life is short so enjoy!
    That's us too, our good friends and family are happy for us and like to see pictures and hear stories. We actually have a private group page on Facebook to share our stories and photos without having to see comments from the "haters".
    I love when friends go on trips too, seeing their photos and hearing about their adventures.

    I find the annoying comments mostly come from our coworkers My husband tells his coworkers that his wife makes a lot of money. This is not true, he but it stops some of the comments so he just goes with it.

    We've seen too many loved ones work hard their whole lives, putting things off for retirement, then when that time comes they have health issues or other roadblocks come up and th eery never get the chance to enjoy the fruits of their labor. We choose the life is short so enjoy mantra as well.

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    I get the "it must be nice" all of the time. I smile and say "you better believe it is nice, in fact, you should try it sometime!"

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    I do have one friend who has dreamed of going to Aruba for quite some time and she gets antsy toward the end of baseball season awaiting our Aruba pics on Facebook Thank kind of nagging about vacation is cool with me!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    We're on the island minimum 4 times a year, 9 weeks minimum.
    We also spend time in los angeles visiting our son, every few months.

    I have a few family members whom are very well off financially, they make comments.
    Sorry, but if you choose to live your life in that manner, that's your problem.


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    I never ever call off from work.. save all my PTO for (personal time off) yes, I do travel more than most of my co-workers.. and do hear the comments
    "it must be nice" yes it is nice... get your arse out of bed, go to work and save your PTO for fun and not for I need a day off...
    As I tell the haters... "don't hate.... appreciate!!
    No I am not rich.. but I am going to enjoy my life for today cause I may not be here tomorrow.

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    There is no one word, phrase, insinuation...that could ever shame me to even give it a second thought !!!!
    I work hard and play if I do not get to Aruba at least 2x per year I have withdrawl and begin to melt!!!!

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    I don't get the whole "it must be nice thing" but I do get the "your going to Aruba again, don't you want to go somewhere else". What they don't understand is I've been to more islands then I can remember (as well as other places) and Aruba just sort of wins. With nearly every visit I consider some place else but its not my fault they keep losing out.

    the officially unofficial podcast of the island of Aruba. Tips, tricks and stories about the best place on earth! If you don't listen you are missing out.

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    I have co-workers that reach "use or lose" levels of leave balance. Then they spend their leave time working on the house or doing other important things requiring to be done. I was once like that, then I realized how important it is to really LIVE time to time, even if it's just a couple weeks.

    The house can repair itself, I'm going to Aruba

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    I get it all the time too------for the longest time i just "smiled" it off.....not anymore! I simply tell them.....My husband works 15 hours a day in a high pressure job. He gets no holidays off only his 2 weeks of vacation. We also don't really ever go date nights, no dinner out, nothing. (thats the whole 15 hours a day thing....) so if you saved up all the money YOU use going to the movies or dinner or whatever you to could spend two whole weeks a year with your spouse!!! lol

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    Perfect timing for this thread! I went to New Orleans end of February and told a friend about that we're taking a Sept. trip to the east coast of North Carolina (I WILL be having beach withdrawal by then). I too got the "Must be nice". We travel when I find great deals, which I'm good at finding (and we don't have a fancy house, boats, RVs or 2nd homes; I'd rather spend our money on travel). Sometimes, if it's a snotty "must be nice", I respond by saying, "Yep, my hubby takes good care of me."

    We've taken at least one trip every year. I loved taking the kids places. I think it helps them to grow when you travel and introduce them to new things.

    Our daughter is planning a 2 week study abroad this summer in Italy. I am a little nervous about the international travel, but not nervous about her ability to travel.

    Hoping for a 30th anniversary trip to our favorite place.

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