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    venezuela via aruba to miami

    from the english version of the amigoe.

    From Venezuela via Aruba to Miami
    23 Jul, 2010, 12:10 (GMT -04:00)

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    ORANJESTAD — As of July 27th, Aruba will be a ‘hub’ for passengers traveling between Venezuela and Miami. The Minister of Tourism, Labor and Transportation, Otmar Oduber (AVP) concluded an agreement on the aforementioned with Vision Air last Wednesday.

    The airline company will fly three times per week from Caracas and Maracaibo and Valencia to Miami. It was agreed these flights would go via Aruba. That makes Aruba a hub. This transfer possibility means the Reina Beatrix airport will attract more passengers. The agreement is therefore also good news for the entrepreneurs at the airport, as they will attract more customers. The agreement offers the airport authority AAA the possibility to make a distinction in the tariffs for the landing and parking of aircrafts and for aircrafts only using the airport as hub.

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    I'm curious if this airline is going to make the passengers go through US Customs in Aruba or Miami, which will mean longer lines and work for the custom agents assigned from the states in Aruba. Not to stir things up since I have the luxury of using the special line when entering Aruba that is used only by Aruban, residents, Dutch passports and airline crew. Even though I always wondered why US. Customs did not have a special line for US passports when leaving and thought fair is fair. just my opinion.

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    Thumbs down

    >>>> "if this airline is going to make the passengers"
    ----- Think the airline has no say. Think it would be up to the US.
    A safe beat would be Miami. If Aruba it would mean all the luggage(even carry-on) would have to be removed from the plane in Aruba and carried through Security/US Customs. If Aruba think it would mean also a Customs/DEA agent ckecking the plane for you know what.
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