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    Verizon Android use in Aruba

    Anyone have any slick ideas on how I could use my RAZR MAXX in Aruba? I read some of the stuff posted on the IPhone but I'm not sure that would work for me.
    Verizon told me how to shut off my mobile data so I would not incur any data charges form the phone deciding to update software or some other data on it's own. Then told me texts will be $0.05 each inbound and $0.50 outbound (pictures roughly 5 times this). Calls $1.99 a minute. Considering it would be for extreme emergencies only this isn't terrible, but not as convenient as I had hoped.

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    Where are you staying? We are at the Marriott Ocean Club annually and internet access is free.

    1) Turn off the 4G on your phone but you can check email, etc thru the free in-room WiFi if your hotel offers it.

    2) Put the Skype app on your phone and Skype for free. Also for $2.99/mo (we only buy 1 month) you can place unlimited Skype-voice only calls from you Skype app to USA landlines and mobiles.

    3) Use Skype to call your own mobile phone for voice messages. When your voice message starts hit # and enter your password.

    At $0.05 a incoming text, that's a cheap way to get a dire emergency message but our family knows we will check our e-mails a couple of time each day too.
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    I'm staying at the Costa Linda... I've not used the wifi there, but I think it's available for a nominal fee

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    we do the same as jdoll....turn on wifi and keep data turned off...I used to add internat'l package to my phone and then turn it off as soon as I get home...costs about 20 bucks but doesnt include calls, and they are as you mentioned. I called home once a day in the morning to check in...bill was in total about 100 more than normal, but now we use skype and wifi and at no cost except skype calls

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